Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Enjoy that test

Every entity in this world goes through a test period - an individual, an organization and even relationships.
We may not recognize the 'tough time' that is a trial of our character for it is only in retrospect that we  see how it has defined our path, and sometimes the very structure of our life. It is a forging by fire.
The success of that forging, and annealing, lies not in the outcome of the situation but in how we come out of it. Is it a more bitter person or a more patient person? Is the new you more empathetic, or more judgmental? I have seen people who have only contempt for anyone going through pain because they have gone through 'worse'. But the  only reason it seems worse is because they look back from a lower level than when it hit them. If we rise above the situation, it becomes just that - an experience, a situation.You may loose the company, or break the relationship you were fighting for, but how you have grown, and what you have learnt and ingrained in the process measures the success of that test.
Unfortunately, the tests are usually unpleasant experiences. Ah if only we were all tested by a lottery win! But it will more likely be a job loss that will enable the soul-searching and, yes, the requisite soul-searing. Sometimes just carrying ourselves with dignity through a sudden change of fortune defines us. 
Dignity in distress, and even in delight, is not easy to achieve. It is sometimes just a matter of  taking one day at a time, one moment at a time. I think it was Winston Churchill who said ' the only way through a difficult period is through it'. It is easier to pass through when you can cull some lovely moments and enjoy them. A stop for Starbucks coffee could be a big joy when you do not have the time or money. But I can promise you you will never enjoy it as much when you do get back on the wagon you are chasing. And every cup of coffee after that will remind you of the time when you did  that extra stretch to give yourself a cup. The best part is that it usually is going to be a memory for those you are sharing that coffee with too.
My point: enjoy that cuppa you are rewarding your self with. Whatever the slump you are going through, getting through it is the only way, and how you go through makes the slump a crest in itself.
People say life is not fair. It is not, and that is it's beauty. Can you actually imagine a smooth life, with no problems? There would be nothing to look forward to, and nothing to look back at! And then, without the tears how would we cherish the smiles?


  1. Greetings.
    Yes testing times are tough periods and really can push us to despair; but when we come through we are stronger..although a bit battered but have come away from moments of despair.I may add Poverty in youth -emotionally starved-with neglect or financially low (student years /childhood) makes us appreciate the good times even more--with every grain and moment--(But not sure whether long term testing can be really enjoyed- Me say Grin and Go on--On the whole agree & appreciated. tks, rgds CaptTR (retd)

    1. Thank you! Enjoyed reading your thoughts too, Captain.

  2. Very well written blog, but the icing on the cake was the concluding paragraph. It just gave me goosebumps.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and your kind remarks.

  3. Sarah, you have outdone yourself!!! As always it's insightful and well written....can't wait to read your next piece

  4. Lovely! Sarah. You can't enjoy the sunshine without a little bit of rain! Good reminder!

  5. Dignity in my opinion is a character trait, ingrained deeply, intrinsically in an individual. You either possess dignity or you do not. While it's absolutely easy to "pretend" being dignified when life is comfortable, it's during stressful, trying or traumatic times that one's true self is revealed. It's how one carries himself/herself through these moments that establish whether one possesses real dignity or not. A human being finds it difficult to wear a mask or a pretence of any sort during times of challenge and this is the time when the true nature or character of a human being is revealed and if dignity is being practiced as a charade, these are the times when the truth is exposed!

    Sabiha Meghjani


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